Since adopting & implementing App8’s solutions for concession pickup & suites pre-ordering between 2021-2023, the Winnipeg Goldeyes have witnessed remarkable results and continue to pave the way for digital ordering solutions in stadiums. 



Established in 1994, the Winnipeg Goldeyes are a professional baseball  team celebrated by their dedicated fan base for their remarkable success  on the field, and strong community presence. The Goldeyes’ home, the iconic Shaw Park stadium, is situated at the heart of the city’s downtown core boasting 27 concessions and luxurious Skysuites providing fans with an exceptional spectator experience.

Faced with long concession lines and an outdated suites pre-ordering platform, the Goldeyes were looking for a digital solution to streamline operations, elevate fan satisfaction, and increase food and beverage sales. With a commitment to innovation, the Goldeyes forged a partnership with App8.

Solution & implementation
The Goldeyes implemented App8’s mobile ordering solution to enhance two key areas: Concession pickup, and suites pre-ordering.

Express concession pickup
App8’s mobile ordering concession pickup allows fans to scan a QR code, order & pay instantly from their phones. Fans receive real-time SMS notifications when their orders are ready for pickup, drastically reducing wait times and enabling them to get back to the action in no time. 

Suites pre-ordering
With App8’s suites ordering solution, guests can pre-order online while maintaining the ability to order additional items from servers throughout the game. Guests can pay on-site, and all ordering is seamlessly integrated with the stadium’s point of sale system (POS).


Improved operational efficiency
The digitized ordering process reduces the need for manual order-taking, saving time & allowing staff to focus on enhancing customer service and fulfilling orders.

App8 built an excellent product that has increased our sales
-Melissa Schlichting, Food & Beverage Manager, Winnipeg  Goldeyes

Increased sales
→ 5% increase in concession food & beverages sales
→ 15% increase in suites pre-orders 

Revolutionizing fan experience & operational excellence
The Winnipeg Goldeyes’ partnership with App8 has not only boosted sales, but also propelled cutting-edge technology to the forefront. This move solidifies the Goldeyes’ status as a dynamic player in Winnipeg’s sports scene, transforming both the fan experience and operations.

The team at App8 has become a second family to me. They legitimately care about their clients, and it shows in their exquisite customer service. I love supporting a company that is so invested in the relationships they form, and I continue to recommend App8 to everyone looking for any mobile ordering solution. Every single person at App8 is a rockstar, and I can’t thank them enough for all the support they’ve given us in our business.

-Melissa Schlichting, Food & Beverage Manager, Winnipeg Goldeyes

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