Rally Eats is an omnichannel digital dining solution, giving your guests a consistent experience no matter how or where they order from. Manage orders, update menus, oversee guests- all in real time. Rally Eats integrates with a variety of point of sale systems, loyalty programs and accounting platforms to provide your customers and staff with seamless digital dining experience. 

User-friendly ordering

Guests can order and checkout in just a few clicks, meaning less abandoned carts.

Boost average order size

Highlight key menu items and offer a custom approach to dining to help guests try new things or add additional items to their order.

Easy to configure and quick to deploy, maximize ordering revenues and increase customer satisfaction. 

The App8 Solution

Distribute your menu where your customers are:

Website: App8 makes pickup and delivery easy thanks to a smooth and simple interface. Use your website to generate direct online orders without the high commissions.

QR Code: Let your guests order and pay from their mobile devices – no signup or download required!

Mobile App: Get more use out of your mobile app, by adding digital ordering for guests. 

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Simple, seamless ordering

No matter which channel a guest orders from, they will receive top-notch service. 

Design mouth-watering menus

Craft custom menus that tantalize taste buds and leave customers craving more. With the perfect menu, customers will want to try everything.

User-friendly ordering experience

Empower your guests with easy self-serve mobile ordering – and with no download or sign-up required, which means fewer abandoned carts.

Omni-channel ordering

With consistent ordering experiences across all channels, your guests will be satisfied whether they opt for seated dining, takeout or delivery.

More bang for your buck

With Rally Eats, you won’t pay commission fees, which means you’ll reap the rewards with your increased guest count. A flat monthly fee, allows for predictable operating costs. 

Boost your average order size

Seamlessly guide customers through the menu and enticing upsell opportunities, resulting in larger and more satisfying orders every time. 

Data-driven back-office

Streamline your operations and boost efficiency. Harness advanced analytics to optimize processes and drive informed decision-making, ensuring your stay ahead of the curve.

All the integrations you need to grow your business

Integrate App8 with your POS.

Simplify your operations by leveraging our integrations with point of sale systems

Promote your loyalty programs.

Keep your customers coming back for more with integrations with loyalty program platforms.

Extend your reach.

Link your third party ordering systems with App8 and expand your ability to acquire new customers with less tablet clutter. 

Multiple food outlets, one order

Solve food hall pain points with the Rally Eats Marketplace. Customers can order for a number of different food outlets on one transaction. Now that is a great way to have your cake and eat it too, with a side of sushi! 


Elevate your customer experience where every interaction is tailored to exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression of excellence.


From vibrant imagery to intuitive navigation, stunning layouts not only entice appetites but also enhance engagement, ensuring your dishes receive the attention they deserve


Offer the opportunity for larger orders by giving customers the ability to select food from multiple outlets in the same venue.  This will increase revenue with larger tickets.

Branded menu creation

With a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, the Rally Eats branded menu creation process seamlessly integrates your brand elements with user-friendly layouts, guaranteeing a visually stunning presentation that drives customer engagement and loyalty.

Centralized menu management

Your POS system acts as the source of truth – meaning that App8 pulls from your existing setup without requiring any changes.

Keep your menus consistent

No need to manage multiple menus. With integration from App8, your guests will find the same menu across all channels thanks to automatic updates.

Customize your ordering options

Build the digital ordering experience you want with add-ons, nutritional information and more. Plus, you’ll never miss an upselling opportunity.

Predictable, fixed monthly rates with no commission fees.

Maximize your orders through digital channels

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