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Improve ordering at every site you manage.

All-in-one digital ordering and catering solutions.

Order in a concourse environment on one transaction.

Integrated tech stack for efficient reporting and analytics.

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We have your recipe for success; technology that will clear your plate.

Enjoy a variety of benefits from digital ordering.

Get more orders

Increase sales with easy mobile ordering, enhancing customer convenience and accessibility.

Reduced operating costs

Lower expenses with efficient digital operations, reducing the need for manual order taking.

Upselling opportunities

Leverage smart recommendations to encourage customers to purchase additional items.

Reduced errors

Minimize order inaccuracies through direct digital input, improving customer satisfaction.

Data insights

Gain actionable insights from customer data to refine your menu and marketing strategies.

Competitive advantage

Stand out with a superior digital experience that meets modern consumer expectations.

Dish out a solution that is right for your sites.

User-Friendly Solutions

Intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use software removes the need for team members to have extensive technology training. Our team will walk you through the deployment process and get you ready to go in no time!

Integration with Existing Systems

Compatibility with other software and systems, such as point of sales, payment processing, accounting and other platforms is important for seamless operations.


Build a solution that addresses your unique needs based on your specific offerings and business models. Tailor the deployment to ensure you get the most out of the solution for your business.

Trusted by industry leaders in high-value market segments.

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Freddy Dormevil
Digital strategy manager

I would describe my overall experience with App8 as a dream come true. App8 as a solution(s) is what we’ve been looking for; App8 as a company, is a breath of fresh air. The future looks bright and promising.

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Facing a myriad of obstacles in 2021, including low sales as well as operational inefficiencies such as managing paperwork, checks, and cash, the business needed to pivot quickly in order to stay afloat. In pursuit of streamlining operations and boosting sales, Sachi’s at Maurice Lapointe turned to App8’s online ordering solution.

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Your guide to launching & managing digital ordering for stadiums and arenas

Welcome to the future of fan engagement, where the roar of the crowd is matched only by the sizzle of perfectly grilled hot dogs and the crunch of freshly popped popcorn. 

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