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Improve ordering at every event you host

All-in-one digital ordering, from pre-orders to the end of the event

Curated by arena operators

Built-in integration and automation

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Technology that delivers a game-winning event experience

Streamline the fan experience with effortless ordering – from advance bookings to game-day demands.


Express pick-up

Reduce the lines at the concession stands and have your team just focus on executing orders for fans. Guests choose and pay for their food and drinks on their phone and have their order ready when they arrive at the concession stand.

In-seat delivery

Instead of crowding around the concession stands or flagging down a server, fans can order what they want right from their phone without leaving their seat and experience a VIP service.

Premium experience


Offer fans a premium experience with fewer servers required. It can be difficult to always have staff to cater these locations, so use technology to bridge the gap, so the customer still feels like a VIP.


Make the event at the suite a memorable one with pre-order and game day ordering through App8.

Everyone scores with App8

Concession managers

Increase food and beverage sales by working with App8 solutions. 

Concession staff

User-friendly software that doesn’t require extensive training for workers. 


Order from your mobile device, whether for pick-up or in-seat delivery, without missing a second of the action.

Delivery staff

App8 streamlines service: our system handles payments, so your staff can focus on fast, efficient delivery.

Trusted by the big leagues

See App8 in action at these great stadiums and arenas.

TD Place
TD Place


Rogers Place
Rogers Place






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Melissa Schlichting
Food & beverage manager

“Not only is the platform easy to use and has everything you’ll need, but the team at App8 are INCREDIBLE to deal with! They are friendly and professional, and they truly take a sincere interest in helping you create a system that works for you! They are constantly adding new features and expanding their reach, they make you feel valued, and they treat you like family.”

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Case study

Read our case study on the Winnipeg Goldeyes.

Since adopting & implementing App8’s solutions for concession pickup & suites pre-ordering between 2021-2023, the Winnipeg Goldeyes have witnessed remarkable results and continue to pave the way for digital ordering solutions in stadiums.

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Beyond the bleachers: The concession chronicles

Your guide to launching & managing digital ordering for stadiums and arenas

Welcome to the future of fan engagement, where the roar of the crowd is matched only by the sizzle of perfectly grilled hot dogs and the crunch of freshly popped popcorn. 

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Ready to knock food ordering out of the park?

Work with App8 and bring an all-in-one digital ordering solution from pre-orders to end of event for your venue.