Unify ordering for your suites:

Boost revenue
Lower costs
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Easy to configure and quick to deploy, maximize ordering revenues and increase customer satisfaction. 

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The App8 Solution

Suites pre-ordering

Remove the hassle of staff having to enter orders, respond to emails, calls, or texts from suite owners or guests. Rally Suites provides automation to ensure a seamless process from start to finish, allowing you to focus on executing the event while we take care of the rest.

Save time

  • Collect orders through automated pre-order emails
  • Automatically generate BEOs, prod sheets and POS orders
  • Guests securely add payment methods to their account
  • Automatically pre-auth and charge payment methods

Increase revenue

  • Provide premium pre-ordering experiences for your suites
  • High accessibility with web-based ordering. No app download required
  • Increase ordering opportunities by adding game-day ordering to suites

Stay organized

  • Manage payments & invoices
  • Manage list of suite guests, orders, equipment and more
  • Integrate loyalty tools & gift card support for season-ticket holders and loyal fans
  • Integrate your POS to leverage existing processes and data

Game day ordering

Maximize game day orders in premium venue seating with self-serve digital ordering options.

Assisting the suite attendant

With Rally Suites, you no longer need to have a suite attendant in every suite. Suite attendants can focus less on order taking and more on order execution and delivering an exceptional guest experience. 

Order what you want, when you want

Guests no longer have to wait for a suite attendant to be present to place their order. With Rally Suites, they don’t need to wait to place their order. 

Suite tab limit

Suite owners can set up a tab limit before the event for their guests. This is available whether a suite attendant is present or not. 

Individual orders to the suite

Even if there’s no tab-limit or if the tab limit has been exceeded, guests can still scan QR codes and order individually for locations that have Rally Eats. 

Post-game & invoicing

Seamless invoice management

  • Auto-generate and send detailed invoices for easy client billing.

Payment processing

  • Charge clients’ saved payment methods quickly and efficiently.

Client communication & receipts

  • Auto-notify clients with receipts and follow-ups for a complete post-game experience.

Putting guest experience first at your venue.

Pre-event ordering & communication.

Send pre-order emails and automate menus with customizable cut-off periods.

Effortless suite & event management.

Create, edit, and assign suites to events, while managing suite owners and equipment.

Enhanced guest ordering & payment.

Offer premium online menus, self-serve or assisted ordering, and streamlined payment options.

Maximize your orders through digital channels

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