Since adopting App8’s mobile ordering solution, Sachi’s Cafe at Maurice Lapointe elementary school has achieved incredible results & rapid growth, while leading the charge for digital innovation within schools.



Established in 1993, Sachi’s Cafe Bistro is a pioneer in providing nutritious and delectable meal options to educational institutions across the National Capital Region, spanning both the public and private sectors. Their innovative approach has successfully transformed ordinary cafeterias into student friendly cafes, introducing young individuals to an array of exciting culinary experiences. Sachi’s Cafe serves over 10,000 students daily, while always striving to exceed their food service needs. 

At the forefront of innovation within the Sachi’s franchise is Manuwel El Murr, the operator of Sachi’s Cafe located at Maurice Lapointe Elementary School in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. 

Facing a myriad of obstacles in 2021, including low sales as well as operational inefficiencies such as managing paperwork, checks, and cash, the business needed to pivot quickly in order to stay afloat. In pursuit of streamlining operations and boosting sales, Sachi’s at Maurice Lapointe turned to App8’s online ordering solution.

Solution & implementation
Sachi’s implemented App8’s online ordering solution to enhance the regular hot meals lunch program, as well as the Wednesday pizza program.

Online ordering
With App8’s seamless online ordering solution, parents can access Sachi’s menu directly through the school website, and effortlessly order and pay for their children’s lunch with just a few clicks. Whether it’s a same-day order, pre-order for the entire week, or a Wednesday pizza order, the food is promptly delivered directly to their child’s classroom at lunch time. Parents stay informed through real-time SMS notifications, receiving updates when their order has been accepted, and further reassurance when the order is out for delivery, providing them with the peace of mind that their child is well taken care of.


Increased sales
→100% increase in hot meal orders

→125% increase in revenue per pizza slice

Improved operational efficiency
With App8, operators can bid farewell to traditional paper order forms and embrace a more efficient approach by organizing, tracking, and managing orders directly from a tablet. Gone are the days of handling cash and checks, as App8 facilitates seamless online payments. Additionally, with App8’s restaurant portal, operators can easily access detailed order summary reports for accounting and operations teams.

Previously, my daily responsibilities included handling paperwork and checks from parents, which entailed tasks like manually counting money and addressing writing errors. This often resulted in confusion for both parents and children due to illegible handwriting and led to various issues. However, App8 came to the rescue with a system that effectively resolved all these challenges.

-Manuwel El Murr, Operator, Sachi’s Cafe Maurice Lapointe

Simplified ordering for parents
Not only does App8 benefit operators, but parents can now avoid the time-consuming task of filling out paper order forms during their evenings. With online ordering, there’s no need for packed lunches either, as parents can select from a diverse range of healthy meal options, sparing them the effort of preparing meals themselves. 

A digital transformation success story
The collaborative effort between Sachi’s and App8 yielded a remarkable transformation, and revolutionized the food ordering process through a digital-first approach. By introducing streamlined online ordering, operational efficiency skyrocketed, and revenues doubled, marking a significant milestone in the business’s success story.

App8 provided the right solution at the right time when my business was struggling. It offered online ordering, which helped boost my business, doubling sales. What’s more, it was particularly beneficial with the pizza program.

-Manuwel El Murr, Operator, Sachi’s Cafe Maurice Lapointe

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