Catering for VIP guests in stadiums is all about creating a top-notch experience. This involves not just high quality food and drinks, but also ensuring the entire guest experience is seamless and enjoyable. However, managing this can be quite a challenge. This is where digital ordering solutions like Rally Suites come in, making the entire customer journey smoother and boosting revenue.

The importance of VIP catering in stadiums

VIP catering is more than just serving food; it’s about offering an exclusive experience that makes guests feel valued. High-quality catering can transform the overall atmosphere, making guests feel important and increasing their loyalty. The revenue from VIP catering is impressive. According to Sports Business Journal, stadiums can make as much as $2 million per game on concessions. 

Challenges in VIP catering

Despite its potential, VIP catering comes with several challenges:

Order accuracy: With many orders at once, mistakes can happen.

Timely delivery: Getting food and drinks to guests on time is essential.

Inventory management: Keeping track of stock to avoid shortages or waste is tricky.

Staff coordination: Organizing staff efficiently without disrupting guests is key.

These issues can lead to delays and mistakes, affecting the guest experience. Digital ordering solutions like Rally Suites help solve these problems, making operations more efficient and guests happier.

How digital ordering improves VIP catering

Easier ordering process

With digital ordering, guests can order right from their mobile devices, removing the need for waitstaff to take orders manually. This reduces mistakes and ensures orders are accurate. Rally Eats user-friendly interface lets guests browse the menu, pick items, and customize their orders easily.

Better order accuracy

Digital ordering minimizes human error. Orders go directly to the kitchen with precise instructions, reducing incorrect or incomplete orders and improving the guest experience.

Faster delivery times

The Rally product line integrates with kitchen systems, prioritizing and preparing orders efficiently. Real-time updates keep guests informed about their order status, reducing wait times and enhancing their experience.

Efficient inventory management

Using the auto-stock feature helps to manage supplies effectively. This allows operators to configure items to automatically return to stock the next day, if selected. 

Improved staff coordination

With digital ordering, staff can focus on delivering orders and providing great service rather than managing orders. This boosts efficiency and allows staff to attend to guests’ needs quickly, improving the VIP experience.

Boosting revenue with digital ordering

Higher order value

Digital ordering often includes upselling and cross-selling prompts, encouraging guests to add more items to their orders. For example, when someone orders a burger, they might be prompted to add fries or a premium drink, increasing the average order value.

More frequent orders

The convenience of digital ordering can lead to more frequent orders. Guests are more likely to place additional orders if the process is quick and easy, leading to higher overall revenue. 

Lower operational costs

By streamlining the ordering and delivery process, digital ordering reduces the need for extra staff, lowering costs. This efficiency leads to higher profitability, allowing stadiums to invest more in enhancing the VIP experience.

Rally Suites in action

Rally Suites has been successfully implemented in major stadiums, transforming the VIP catering experience. For example, the Winnipeg Goldeyes have seen a 15% increase in suites pre-orders when using App8. The streamlined ordering process, combined with better order accuracy and timely delivery, led to higher guest satisfaction and more repeat business.


Digital ordering solutions like Rally Suites offer a powerful way to enhance the VIP experience in stadiums. By solving operational challenges and driving revenue growth, these solutions ensure guests enjoy a seamless, premium experience. As stadiums look for ways to stand out and keep guests happy, digital ordering will play an increasingly important role in VIP catering.

For more information on how Rally Suites can transform your VIP catering experience, visit the Rally Suites product page.