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We achieve more with less by partnering with best-in-class technology solutions and resellers who have an intimate knowledge of their customers.

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We support customers across North America, offering competitive benefits through App8’s reseller network. We’re always looking for the right partners to grow our network and improve our service.

Reseller network

Create a superior customer experience with best-in-class services. At App8, we strive to provide the best ordering and payment services. We give partners everything they need to offer our services and keep customers happy.

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Our solution complements existing POS systems and service tools, providing your customers with more value from their existing investments. 


Working together, we can enhance your existing services and deepen relationships with your customers.


When we benefit, you benefit. Partnership packages are tailored to enable growth for our partners by offering App8’s service.

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POS partnerships

Increase the value of your customer’s existing system with a seamless mobile ordering and payment experience. Our POS partnerships are designed to grow our mutual customer base and deepen customer relationships.

We’re always looking to grow our network

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Payment processors

Our card-not-present payment network is a core part of the service we deliver. Our solution offers payment processing flexibility thanks to our payment processing network. We’re always looking for the right payment partners to better serve customers.

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