Great ordering experiences. Anytime, anywhere.

App8’s Order Anywhere plan is a complete digital ordering suite for foodservice brands. With App8, guests can view digital menus, order dine-in, pickup, or delivery, and pay for their order — all from their own mobile devices. 

With Order Anywhere, your establishment can offer a consistent ordering experience to all of your guests, whether they are on-premise or off.

Advanced ordering and menu options allow you to take back control of your dining experience and save on service fees when you manage all of your dine-in, takeout and delivery under one platform. No signup or download is required!

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Simple, seamless ordering

App8 takes an omnichannel approach to digital dining, giving your guests a consistent experience no matter how or where they order from


App8 makes pickup and delivery easy thanks to a smooth, simple interface and automatic integration.


Let your guests order and pay from their mobile devices – no signup or download required!

Alternative venues

We’re equipped to help venues with unique setups – because any venue can benefit from digital dining.

Dedicated support for unique venues

Full-service restaurants

The classic experience of dining out combined with digital hospitality services

Education environments

Mobile ordering tailored to the unique dietary requirements and service delivery of schools

Quickservice & fast-casual

Lightning-fast ordering and payment experiences to match the expectation of guests

Food court & cafeterias

Unique digital ordering experiences for multi-unit dining areas

Sports & entertainment

Digital guest experience suites for arenas, stadiums, and entertainment venues

How could digital dining transform your venue? Chat with us to learn more.

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One package, infinite possibilities

Order Anywhere has everything you need for great digital dining


Empower your guests with easy self-serve mobile ordering – and with no download or sign-up required, digital dining is as easy as ever.


With consistent ordering experiences across all channels, your guests will be satisfied whether they opt for seated dining, takeout or delivery.


With the Order Anywhere plan, you won’t pay any commission fees – meaning you’ll actually reap the rewards of increasing your guest count.

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No app or sign-up required. Guests access your digital domain with a single tap. 

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Delight guests with a seamless and convenient ordering experience. No app or sign-up required. 

General integration

Complete background tasks automatically with easy integration


Serve up to 25% more guests each day by allowing guests to view the menu, see their bills, and pay from their own phones.


Keep staff in control of the guest experience and allow them to focus on what they do best by removing administrative steps to service.


Easily replicate your digital dining experience across your locations with our direct POS system and payment processor integrations.

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Manage multiple ordering channels from a centralized dashboard and create a more consistent dining experience.

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All the control you need

Zero commission takeout ordering, personalized to you


Your POS system acts as the source of truth – meaning that App8 pulls from your existing setup without requiring any changes.


No need to manage multiple menus. With integration from App8, your guests will find the same menu across all channels thanks to automatic updates.


Build the digital ordering experience you want with add-ons, nutritional information and more. Plus, you’ll never miss an upselling opportunity.

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Virtually indestructible

Keep your brand in-tact with App8’s customizable beacons

Made from high quality acrylic materials, our beacons are built to last. They resist cracking, peeling, and fading, and they stick right to the surface of each table. Plus, they’re easy to reprogram on the fly.

Guests benefit from easy-to-use beacons that transform their table into a complete mobile ordering experience. Beacons can also be customized to match your branding.

Everything you need to succeed

Fully scalable

POS integrations

No app required

Durable water-resistant design

24/7 support

Rigorous security

Apple pay and Google pay enabled


Contact tracing included

QR code and NFC enabled

Customizable loyalty programs

Robust analytics portal

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