5 easy ways to increase your restaurant revenue this holiday season

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The holidays look very different this year, especially for the restaurant industry. What is usually a busy time with dinner dates, holiday parties, and catering, is now a point of fear and stress for many restaurateurs who have been relying on warm weather and patios to drive traffic to their establishments. Despite this uncertainty, there are still many opportunities to maximize your restaurant revenue this holiday season, and we have a few ideas to share with you. 

  1. Remote holiday parties

Many organizations are opting for digital get-togethers in lieu of physical holiday parties, but that doesn’t mean that you have to lose out on the holiday party revenue this year. Offer remotely catered holiday party packages that allow employers to provide their staff with a special holiday meal that they can pick up or have delivered to their own homes.

2. Gift cards

For a low effort solution, promote what you already have and highlight your gift cards on your website and social media. A restaurant gift card is the perfect gift whether your customers are shopping for a casual acquaintance or a close friend. Maybe add a festive flair to their design and make sure your customers know that gift cards are available and can be used for takeout.

3. Holiday menus

The holidays and food go hand in hand. Add your own spin to the classics and offer a special holiday menu. Your customers are looking for excuses to treat themselves and will be excited to experience your take on a festive meal. Ensure you choose takeout friendly foods that will travel well and will look and taste as good at home as they do in your restaurant.

4. Winter experiences

Rather than closing down your patio as the weather gets cooler, take advantage of the opportunity to create a unique experience for your customers. Ice bars are fan favourites every year, but this year, especially people will be looking for any opportunity to get out of the house and celebrate safely this holiday season. Create fun and instagrammable moments with outdoor heating, festive decor, and winter-themed specials! Get creative! People will go out of their way for a unique experience they can share on social media.

5. Commission-free takeout

As we get closer to the holidays, everyone becomes more conscious of their budget. Give guests placing pick up orders the option to order from their phones without paying any extra service fees. Your guests are inclined to choose you over more costly competitors, and you’ll save by not paying any commission fees on their orders. Find out if a commission-free takeout solution is right for you.

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