In the foodservice industry, customers demand digital payment options now more than ever before. App8 brings an expertly-crafted omnichannel approach to foodservice ordering, allowing brands to keep up with a quickly changing industry.

OTTAWA, ON — App8 is formally upgrading its service model following its emergence as a leader in the foodservice ordering space. The company, which produces a contactless dining and omnichannel ordering solution, will formally launch their new service package, called Order Anywhere, this summer. has emerged as a leader in the food service ordering space. The company, which produces a contactless dining and omnichannel ordering solution, is gaining prominence due to the accelerated adoption of contactless dining tools and increased expectations for transparency and convenience. App8’s Point-of-Sale (POS)/Integration-first approach has enabled them to integrate their seamless digital dining experience into some of North America’s largest foodservice brands.

When App8 launched in 2018, the company developed a service for restaurant guests to quickly settle their bills from their smartphones — without waiting for a paper receipt or a payment machine. For restaurants, this resulted in greater guest satisfaction during lunch and dinner rushes, more money from faster table turnover, and time saved by service staff.

In January 2020, App8 raised US$850,000 in Seed financing to expand its integrated mobile payment product across the U.S. and Canada. Following the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, many restaurants shifted their on-premise dining to a contactless experience while greatly expanding their online and takeout presence. Being well-positioned in this space, App8 quickly aligned its product offering with the new market requirements.

“We had a deep understanding of foodservice operations and the integration capabilities that could seamlessly facilitate both on-premise and off-premise digital experiences,” says Elias Hage, CEO, and co-founder of App8. “We knew where the industry was heading, and we had the right team and product to serve the future of dining.”

Throughout the two years that followed, App8 evolved its product into a scalable, omnichannel ordering platform that could support dine-in and takeout ordering, menu management, powerful integrations, and restaurant analytics, all within one solution. This versatility enabled App8 to serve traditional foodservice establishments, such as restaurants, diners, and bars, and non-traditional dining establishments and entertainment centres, such as bowling alleys, stadiums, golf courses, and hotels.

Today, App8 is working with some of the largest national brands, representing hundreds of locations across the U.S. and Canada.


App8 is a leading omnichannel ordering solution for foodservice brands that enables guests to view digital menus, order dine-in, pickup, or delivery, and pay for their meals, all from their own smartphones. App8 works with some of the top restaurant and entertainment brands in North America to deliver value beyond contactless transactions with guest feedback, advanced reporting, and actionable insights.

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